Unishield is manufactured exclusively by Unitech, LLC. This unique, water-based material is extremely conductive and has seen extensive application as a safe and effective EMI shield for many nonmetallic surfaces. Unitech engineers have developed various formulations of Unishield to specifically address problematic RF emanations in commercial, military and governmental environments.

Non-toxic and extremely lightweight and durable, Unishield is easily modified to address specific electromagnetic challenges. Hybrid Unishield systems can target desired attenuation levels throughout a wide frequency spectrum without extensive, heavy and expensive metal shielding techniques. Retrofit and/or repair of existing enclosures or facilities are easily accomplished with spray, brush or roll applications. A Unishield flex formulation is suitable for fabric and other pliable substrates.

Unishield's specialized polymer systems give it superior adhesion to many plastics including Lexan and polycarbonate as well as metals, cotton/canvas, wood, drywall, masonry and Kapton film. Unishield also has excellent chemical, environmental and ozone resistance. Importantly, the proprietary formulation avoids the use of dissimilar metals, allowing Unishield to hold up to harsh marine environments.

Other unique applications include thin, lightweight ground planes and static dissipation mediums. Unishield is also being developed as a conformal, embedded antenna that can allow commercial and military platforms to effectively modify current, protruding arrays into virtually undetectable antenna systems. Finally, as a conduit for electricity, Unishield is the key material in a developmental ship hull anti-fouling system that creates an e-field pulse to prevent barnacle attachment.

Unishield - Technical Spec Sheet

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