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Aerospace...Internal aircraft applications include a lightweight EMI/EMP/RF shielding material for sensitive electronic equipment, a ground plane substrate, and an effective static dissipater. External applications include a revolutionary "paintable" embedded antenna array and corrosion resistant skins.
Marine…As a water-based coating, Unishield can be utilized without threatening the environment. It is highly resistant to corrosion in harsh, salty conditions and it is therefore well suited for marine use. A Unishield-based system is currently in development that effectively discourages hard fouling on ship hulls by creating an electrical stun field.
Defense… With the renewed emphasis on weight reduction, Unishield has seen significant applications in multiple military platforms as all DOD divisions have focused on the introduction of composites to military equipment. Unishield provides a quick and easy answer for the "metallization" of these composite structures thereby allowing for significant weight reduction without sacrificing the favorable shielding characteristics of metal.
Electronics…As electronic devices become smaller and more powerful, it is increasingly more difficult to shield the resulting electro-static and electro-magnetic discharges that concern users. When incorporated into the housings and cabinets, Unishield effectively shields in excess of 90% of the electronic discharges without the use of heavy, bulky metallic shielding.
Security…Banks, financial centers, computer rooms, radar facilities and other sensitive areas with national security concerns that demand secure communication and data transmission can use a Unishield based system to effectively and unobtrusively create S.C.I.F. and other tempest-based facilities to protect against atmospheric data theft, eavesdropping, or electronic espionage.
Communications...Proven to be a "paintable antenna," Unishield is now the key material in a patent-pending technology that effectively creates the means to transform almost any surface into an antenna, thereby dramatically altering the way communication systems can be linked. Military applications abound, as do industrial and recreational uses including significant enhancement to cell networks in inner city environments, underground situations and within large buildings. Conformal communication antennas or GPS antennas can now be a part of every fireman's helmet, police uniform, life raft, etc. The possibilities are limitless.



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